About Us

Get a serious workout without the intimidation of the large clubs.

YoungQuest Fitness Center offers a great non-intimidating yet serious environment for people of all fitness levels. We pride ourselves on cleanliness, customer service, not being overcrowded and great equipment. Whether you like cardio machines, weight machines, or free weights, we have you covered!

At YoungQuest, you are not just another membership number. You’re another member of the YoungQuest family of people wanting a serious workout without the crowds, concerns about having the perfect outfit, or looking perfect so you don’t get judged.

Why Choose Us?

You’re not just another member

Unlike the large clubs, at YoungQuest you are not just another member.  We know all of our members by name.  Whether you are a pro or just getting started, our trained staff is here for you.

Great equipment that’s always available

Whether you are into cardio, weight machines, or free weights, our top of the line equipment is here for you to get a serious workout.

No crowds, great parking, great location

There is nothing worse then dealing with a huge gym full of sweaty people.  At YoungQuest you get to focus on your workouts and not finding a spot in the parking lot.

A great workout without fashion requirements

Fashion not something you should worry about at the gym.  We are all about the workout so you look good outside the gym.  YoungQuest is a place to focus on you!

Our Approach

Our approach is simple.  We focus on providing you with the tools you need so you can focus on getting the best workout possible without having to spend hours at the gym.

There is no good reason to go to the gym only to have to wait for a piece of equipment or have to use equipment the gym bought because it’s the “next best thing”.  Our equipment is effective, proven, and without gimics.